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Discovering your personal part of paradise

Astral Travels is a subsidiary company of Astral Leisure Group — Lords Restaurant Complex in Negombo Sri Lanka You can choose from one of our set tours or we can work with you to put together your own tailor made holiday.

Sri Lanka really does have something to offer you. It is so varied and when traveling throughout this beautiful country the landscapes are so different. When searching for your personal Tour Driver Guide it can be very confusing to decide what and where to go and also finding clear facts and what your quoted price includes.

OUR VISION is to provide you with very simple clear advice and ensure we deliver on our promises made to you. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy your holiday experience and we understand your needs and most importantly keep YOU safe at all times.

The tours offered are totally flexible and when traveling with OUR guides never be frightened to ask any questions and If you see something of interest when traveling always ask to stop and take a look.

Traveling throughout Sri Lanka on our road networks can be an experience where the general rule of driving is there are no rules! Our tour guides are instructed to take their time and not provide you with an experience that leaves you gasping for breath with fear of oncoming buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians and of course must not forget the dogs & cats!

Our target is to provide you with a Tour Driver Guide who will provide you with a unique experience that will fulfill your dreams and provide you with factual information about the country, people, animals, wildlife, and how to respect the Sri Lankan culture when traveling here

Which vehicle should you select? - When travelling for more than two days we recommend taking a small tourist air conditioned van and not a car. The journeys can be long and having extra space to stretch out and relax provides more comfort - however the prices are similar.

Please place your trust in Astral Travels and we will ensure that you discover your personal part of paradise. Remember you are on holiday so sit back and let us do the work on your behalf and match your personal requirements with the travel experiences that will satisfy your dreams.

Time is precious ... thanks for sharing yours

Martin Fullerton

Astral Travels

Owner of Lords Restaurant Complex

We have a superb team of drivers who are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge. All are English speaking and accustomed to communicating with clients of different nationalities

A Code of Conduct has been written to ensure that drivers understand their responsibilities and to ensure that they and their passengers have a safe and comfortable journey,


Wear a mask at all times

Be smart and tidy in appearance and pay adequate attention to personal hygiene.

Be polite and courteous to passengers at all times.

Not swear or make remarks that are personal, sexual, racist or which could be judged to be offensive in any way.

Not smoke whilst driving the vehicle or whilst loading or unloading passengers

Drive in a considerate manner at all times and avoid sharp braking, fast cornering and harsh acceleration which can be unnerving for passengers.

Not use a mobile phone at any time whilst the vehicle is in motion. Hands-free sets may be used when the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights.

Be medically fit to drive at all times and must inform Astral Travels if they have any medical condition which may affect their ability to drive

Not consume any alcohol before or during journeys (or at any time beforehand on the same day) including drinking without exceeding the legal alcohol limit for driving. It should be noted that alcohol from drinking the day before can remain in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours, and that any alcohol can affect concentration, reaction times and judgment.

Not drive whilst under the influence of any drugs, nor any medication which may affect their ability to drive. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medication. If taking any medication always check with your medical practitioner or pharmacist that it is safe to drive.

 Not make any unauthorized stops that have not been pre agreed to gem shops, restaurants, spice gardens or other places of interest. We do not wish to promote unsuitable stops that may result in drivers earning commission from purchases made by passengers. In the event that a passenger wishes to buy jewellery or visit a spice garden our drivers will only recommend those places that offer genuine quality and value for money as opposed to high commissions for drivers,

Discuss suitable starting times with passengers for each day's itinerary and be responsive to the occasional need for last-minute changes.

Offer general advice when needed but respect passengers need for quiet time.

Offer help to clients at all times such as when unloading bags, checking in and purchasing tickets to historical sites and other places of interest.

Contact the management at Astral Travels in the event of any problems or complaints

Should your Travel Tour Guide not follow these code of practices please contact us immediately so we can take the necessary action needed

EMERGENCY contact number 24 hours a day
Nalinda 0777933755

All prices quoted are in USD

ALL taxes are included in prices quoted

ALL TOURS must be paid in full when booking

An email receipt and travel itinerary will be provide when booking

ALL prices quoted are competitive and therefore not negotiable

Any add on services or additional days must be paid on final day of tour

Should the hotel not supply drivers accommodation and meals an additional payment of 15 USD will chargeable and payable each day required (most hotels provide this service when booking your accommodation please request this service for free)

ALL entrance tickets are NOT included in prices quoted. The driver will help you to purchase the tickets in all locations and payable directly to the venue

NO credit terms are provided

We can accept any foreign currency and the daily exchange rates will be provided.

All bookings should be paid in full by bank transfer click here for details 

Name : M J Fullerton
Branch : Main Street Branch, Negombo
Bank Name : Sampath Bank
Bank Account Number : 1024 5790 2748

Or alternatively visit our travel desk at Lords Restaurant Complex in Negombo on arrival to Sri Lanka and make your payment in full either by dollars/ or alternatively you can pay by credit card but a 3 % commission charge will be added to cover costs of transaction from credit card company