Popular areas of Sri Lanka at a glance


The East Coast stretching from the Eastern part of Yala national Park up until Trincomalee is one of mystery and intrigue here you will find entire beaches to yourself, dense jungles and hiding wild elephants


Sri Lanka’s northwest, also known as the Cultural Triangle, is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Colombo and the tranquil beaches of the south and west coasts. The region is steeped in history with temples and mountain top fortresses like Sigiriya to the ruins of ancient lost cities like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.


Discover the golden miles of deserted sandy beaches with spectacular surfing and the wonders of the Indian Ocean to explore Whales, Dolphins Turtles with beautiful corals with tropical marine life


Sri Lanka’s highland area boasts some of the best landscapes in the country. Endless tea trails, waterfalls arid beautiful green countryside spread out over a backdrop of misty mountains. The air is fresh, and the climate cooler with an abundance of flora and fauna that will be sure to appeal to nature lovers and fans of the great outdoors


Sri Lanka’s diverse landscape of highlands, wetlands, reservoirs, dry plains, forest, and coastline creates habitats for an equally diverse range of wildlife, most of which now reside in the island’s protected national parks and reserves. Amongst some of the animals hidden away in the country’s 20 national parks and protected reserves are leopards, herds of elephants crocodiles sloth bears and over 500 species of birds